Our team  is experienced in all aspects of real estate transactions and provides comprehensive services to clients, including:

Commercial leases 

Review and drafting of residential leases, office leases, industrial leases, mixed-use project leases. Assistance in negotiating offers to lease and tenant inducement packages.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

  •  Review and drafting of purchase and sale agreements, escrow and holdback agreements and estoppels, conducting due diligence.

Dispute Resolution  

Resolving disputes arising from the purchase, leasing, management and sale of real estate or businesses. Assistance with investigating regulatory compliance, performing title searches, and reviewing and advising on engineering and environmental audits. Advice on landlord-tenant disputes arising during the term of a lease or upon its termination.

Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

  • Assisting with obtaining bridge loans and financing, negotiating land use approvals, planning joint venture agreements.

Risk management 

Insurance coverage analysis, policy negotiations, claims strategies.


Acquisition, construction and permanent financing, from both the lender’s and the borrower’s perspective. Drafting, negotiation and implementation of loan and security documentation.

Property management

 Listing and management agreements, landlord and tenant liability, rent collections and related matters.


Advice as to the choice of investment vehicle and structure, and assistance with due diligence matters, including minute books and financial reviews.

Land Use Planning and Development 

Advice on land acquisition and assembly, pre-development options and strategies; Coordination of all aspects of land use planning and development process, including dealing with government and public agencies, securing regulatory approvals, and representing clients before administrative tribunals and municipalities; Advice on general municipal law matters.

Construction Matters 

Drafting and negotiation of construction contracts, construction financing, from both the lender’s and the borrower’s perspective.