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How many web pages are you surfing on to find your desired result by search engines such as Google? If the answer is “One”, you are not alone and a member of 75% majority web users!


Google captured this number by monitoring the web user’s behavior annually. This considerable percentage of user traffic emphasizes the importance of SEO (Search engine optimization) for websites, blogs, applications and WooCommerce. Since the internet users are growing dramatically, the businesses with developed SEO marketing can stand out of the crowd. It is impossible to evaluate and rank the approximately 1.5 billion websites manually and daily. As a result, search engines crawling and monitoring the websites by algorithm-based software and rank them in respect of general factors. Here are four main factors to improve the SEO for business marketing websites.

Content is the KING in marketing!

The majority of businesses are investing on marketing and window-dressing the products and websites to attract and flow the user traffic on their website, but the most important element that can keep the visitors on the website, is the quality content. The content with determined keywords, links, readability and even proper citation. Search engines are highly sensitive on the average time that visitor spends on the website, clicks per pages and the user reports. Additionally, all contents must be original or credit the author. Otherwise, Search engines panelized the businesses by decreasing their rankings or blocking due to copyright policy.

The “Engagement” comes first

Everything is not window-dressing in the marketing. After developing your valuable content, now It’s time to engage the visitors in your website. There are plenty of practical methods to engage the visitors, such as offering newsletters, free assessment forms or quizzes with interesting results. Search engines prioritize the websites with high engagement rates and consider them as a source that responds to the users’ needs or directs them to the right source. If the engagement strategies overused or not supported with proper market research, it could impact the websites engagement rate negatively.

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Your “Website Authority” is your credit score

Certainly, you need to build a solid credit history to take advantage of financial institutions and investor’s facilities. The authority score of the website is your credit history and score in the eyes of search engines. The worldwide web is full of fake and spam products which just seems as official as of authorized websites. Consequently, search engines need to recognize your website genuineness and be convinced that you are going to be around for a long time. One of the effective ways to improve the authority level is outbound links and backlinks from high authority and credited websites such as Bloomberg, Forbes and BBC.

Visitors are not patient enough!

The website metric tools such as Gtmetrix, reported 2-3 seconds loading time for gaining the highest conversion rate. This means as fast as your website loads, more chances you have to engage your visitors. Realistically, any loading time above 4 seconds considered as slow and not user-friendly. Technically, the speed of your website depends on server power, loading zone, weight of content and websites platform. In general, developers and designers stay away from heavy graphic designs and rent out a dedicated server to maintain the highest speed for the websites. The platform of the website depends on the type of project. For example, WordPress is an authentic choice for a personal blog, while ASP.NET is a better option for corporation websites such as UBC, CIC and Amazon (See sample below for UBC website’s speed).


Overall, knowledge of SEO improvement could save you a considerable amount of money for marketing and differ you from other window-dressing marketing systems. Besides that, being familiar with SEO methods assists you in understanding what exactly IT professionals are charging you for.


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