Trade War, China US

China and the United States of America (the “USA”) have been engaged in an ongoing trade war since the 1990s which was recently escalated in 2018 resulting in higher tariffs and duties on imported goods in both countries.   China-US trade war The underlying claims by the USA against China, such as its abuse of

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Window-Dressing, SEO Marketing

How many web pages are you surfing on to find your desired result by search engines such as Google? If the answer is “One”, you are not alone and a member of 75% majority web users! Google captured this number by monitoring the web user’s behavior annually. This considerable percentage of user traffic emphasizes the

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Employee Rewards Systems – Wells Fargo

Between 2016-2018, Wells Fargo Financial Services Company (“Wells Fargo”) reported an account fraud scandal where bank employees had created millions of bank accounts without clients’ consents.   Bank account fraud, Wells Fargo The Company was accused of a variety of fraudulent and unethical practices. subsequently, this unethical practice led to civil and criminal lawsuits resulting

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The Sole Proprietor

So, you’ve got an outstanding business idea that you are about to launch in the market. Your business strategy is completed, the required funding is lined up and your Market research informs you that it’s sure to be a hit. Have you planned about your business structure yet? Likely not, and this step is where

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Our audience

The privilege of working with so many clients with different nationality and backgrounds, directed us to the most potential areas and sources to corporate with. However, every single firm and business desires to be the world-wide organization with an unlimited number of audiences, our team decided to concentrate on our expertise and experiences .The Noble laws team mainly focuses on the area of business and immigration laws which gives us the opportunity of working with applicants from all around the world.

Our projects

We have numbers of ongoing projects under BC provincial nominee program in the city of Squamish, Bowen island, Okanagan, Nanaimo and Penticton. Business security and incorporation services in the province of British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta. More than 10 start-up projects with an integral part of registration, security, business model and liability process. We are highly motivated to represents the ideas to the authorized venture capitals and incubators.

Best Iranian lawyers

Elmira Moghadam is listed as a top Iranian lawyer in Canada. Elmira is practicing the Commercial, business,Immigration and international trade law in her innovative firm which has known as Noble Law Corporation.The remarkable sense of consciousness and agreeableness of her services among modern management strategies stabilize Elmira's place on top of the ranking lists.The best Iranian lawyers is a trusting and reputable ranking system based on user reviews and experiences.

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